Sunday, June 13, 2010

Posts all around for the Arduino Watch!

Welcome everyone from all the sites that just linked in! Just now found that,, and have all posted articles on the Arduino Watch! And don't forget the article.

For the current functions of the watch I would check out the youtube video (or for the embedded version just scroll down).
For the build instructions check out the Instructable.
And for the source code check out the google code page.

Future updates to the code I'm looking at the possibilities of a heart beat sensor and a Tron like lightcycle game, but let me know what you would like to see in new versions.

Thanks everyone for the interest!


antsnark said...

Add "Space Invaders" and "Pacman"into Your wonderful watch!

PS Could You help me and send PDF from instructables with all the project? Thnx a lot!

antsnark said...

look here too:

It would be great to have such a variant in ardu-watch :) Very geek-style :)

David J Barnes said...

How much does the watch weight?

Matthew said...

They both weigh 141 grams (5 oz), so not that much.

UWG-research said...

Matthew, we recently added a short post on your watch to our section on unique watches, cool watch!